Reconciliation after dating someone else

I’m sorry this hasn’t worked out the way you had hoped. I know she means a lot to you, and those people who’ve experienced heartbreak at some time in our lives can empathize with you. It can be very uncomfortable and complicated, but it’s not the last chapter to be composed. Possibly I can use some ideas on helping this experience notify a few of your journey ahead.

For starters, you made a declaration early in your note about her being one of the most fantastic Christian women you know, “yet” she broke up with you, as if the two are a contradiction. Perhaps it just streamed off your keypad that way, but it’s worth advising you that her ending a relationship with you does not bring into question her Christianity.

Numerous terrific Christian songs end relationships with other wonderful Christians for any number of factors. It injures to be on the getting end of it, however in our hurt, let’s make no assumptions about the sincerity of another’s faith and her efforts to follow God’s leadership in her life.

As for your existing efforts to keep the lines of communication open, you’ve revealed lots of effort. I believe she’s been accountable and sensible in her communication with you. Now you require to appreciate her by appreciating her decision.

I understand it is challenging to comprehend why God would permit you to have such strong feelings for somebody who does not reciprocate those sensations, but He does. But it is wrong to assume that your sensations are any validation of God’s plans for you or for her, and continuing to run as if they are is only going to trigger more pain for you and discomfort for her.